The Igamerz webstore

The webstore is currently only supporting the 'Igamerz Factions' server.
Any items bought on this website is for use on the Igamerz Factions Server, they have no real-life value.

The items available for purchase are very powerful and can bring a lot of useful equipment for your faction.
You get 1 kit pr. week for the VIP ranks. You are free to distribute these items to your faction-mates or sell them, just remember that you will get

4 uses for the first VIP-rank, 8 for the VIP+ and 12 for the VIP++. You can not get a refund for the items you have received and used.
So use your kits wisely!

The same goes for crates. With Mastercraft crate keys, you can get kit that is even better, than what is in the VIP kits. However you get 1 prize pr. key which can contain many of the same items, or few very OP items. We recommend having an empty inventory and a home, before using crate keys.

If you suffer from ludo-mania, we would discurrage you from buying keys on our server, and instead point you towards the ranks :)

The Igamerz 1 server

The Igamerz-1 server is a public Minecraft server running the latest spigot version. 
The server is a OpFactions, Survival, Adventure experience with a huge world to explore and conquer!
The server is brought to you by the dedicated Igamerz team. Who are working hard for your enjoyment. 
The server uses plugins such as: McMMo, Vault, SaberFactions, EssentialsX, Buycraft, AreaShop, HoloSigns, BattleArena, GUIShop Plus, TNT-plugin, SpartanAnticheat, Chestshop, MinigameMaker and loads more. 

Additional stats:
The server is a 200-slot server for now, but this will be upgraded when more players join!
The server is hosted in England, which makes European, Middle-Eastern and American latency lowest, but far-Asian locations could experience above 100ms of lag.
The server map is 200k x 200k blocks. Giving players a far above average area to play on!
The server is in Beta-state, which means that we will keep upgrading it and adding new content!

The Igamerz staff

The Igamerz team is here for you as much as we can. We are working to create the best experience possible for you. To give us feedback and chat with us you can join our discord through the link on the homepage and we also listen to feedback, complaints, and more through our customer-service mail address: Info@igamerz.eu

The Igamerz Team is investing both time and money on improving the server, to make it as good as possible for the players.
Any items bought on this webshop supports the team and lets us improve the experience for the players!

We hold donators in the highest esteem and thank them for their contributions to the server and the community.
Any donated sums goes directly to improving the server, or starting new projects!